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Cavefall is a 2D arcade that puts you in control of a charming explorer who has to go deep into different caves, each one more dangerous than the previous one. An adventure that’s frantic, exciting and full of dangers.

Controls in Cavefall are really simple: by clicking on the screen you’ll make your protagonist jump from one wall to the other. That’s it! This simple move helps you descend to the deepest parts of any cave, dodging spikes and other obstacles. You can even get rid of bats and other enemies that you’ll find along your adventure.

When you start playing, you’ll only be able to descend through a cave. But, as you start playing more and finding notes from other lost adventurers, you can start unlocking new caves. There are four different ones. Each cave has its own style, traps and unique enemies.

During your descent you can also collect a series of red orbs that’ll help you unlock tons of upgrades for your character. You can get more hearts, improve your jumping speed, increase your ‘combo’ time and much more.

Cavefall is a simple and really fun arcade that has pixelated visuals and a really great gameplay that’s perfect for any smartphone.
Cavefall: a pixelated and dizzying arcade game packed with danger

There's no denying how lucky we are to have access to the awesome selection of arcade games available on Android. Especially when we're talking about games that are as well-executed as Cavefall, a title that has you descend as far as possible into a cave that's packed with enemies and obstacles. What we have here is a simple and addictive gameplay, accompanied by pixelated graphics ... a recipe that would have meant difficulty back in the day. And this game definitely does not disappoint.
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Android 4.1 or greater is required

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